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Born in Argentina in 1925, Hilda Dianda has garnered international attention not only for her work as a composer of electroacoustic and contemporary music, but also as a musicologist, particularly for her book, Música en Argentina de hoy, which was published in 1966. In addition to her collaboration with French composer Pierre Schaeffer (who originated the term “musique concrète”), during the mid 1960s she was invited to work in the electronic music laboratory of San Fernando Valley State College. She is the recipient of many international honors and awards, such as a cultural merit medal that was bestowed upon her by the Italian government in 1964, and her induction into an academic order in France in 1980. Her music, which has been published by Schott, Ricordi and the Pan American Union, to name but a few, has also been conducted by some of the most important figures in the orchestral world, such as Lorin Maazel, Ernest Bour, Heinrich Hollreiser, Jacques Bodmer, and many others.

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