Welcome to the Cayambis Institute for Latin American Studies in Music!

This organization was formed to increase the awareness and appreciation of Latin American classical music by encouraging its creation, performance and study, and in so doing, develop bonds of goodwill and unity among the musicians of the Americas. In pursuit of this mission, CILASiM will provide impactful opportunities to composers, performers and scholars, while at the same time enhancing the understanding of Latin American classical music among musicians and the general public.

CILASiM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which is being ably and enthusiastically led by a board of directors that consists of distinguished members of the southwestern Virginia community.

Currently, the board is working on operational documents, legal filings and project guidelines, as well as seeking potential funding sources. Most recently, it approved a now activated composition competition, which, right now is in the process of accepting musical scores from throughout Latin America. The competition will culminate in an October gala performance of the winning pieces on a regional stage.

Years ago, Gilbert Chase commented that Latin American music is largely unfamiliar to North Americans. Theirs is a musical culture that is literally right next door, but without your help there will be no change to the current situation.

The truth is, as an emerging nonprofit organization, we depend on the generous support of like-minded individuals just like you. Although we hope to obtain funding from state and national arts agencies, large corporations, and other similar entities, we need to particularly rely on the citizens of southwest Virginia. In addition, with substantial startup costs that need to be met, we created
a donations link by which you can help us achieve our goals. We would be very grateful to receive your support.