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Conference Performance


The Cayambis Institute (CILASiM) seeks to strengthen the awareness and appreciation of Latin American classical music by developing a full spectrum approach to its performance and study. In support of our mission, CILASiM welcomes applications from individual instrumentalists or small ensembles in the United States and Canada who are seeking a subvention—after having been accepted—to perform Latin American classical music at a national or international conference. Although CILASiM may not be able to completely fund such a performance, the Institute’s support should nevertheless serve as an important factor in the overall success of the event.


Starting in fall 2024, on a quarterly basis, proposals will be subjected to a competitive process of evaluation in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Content. A list of the titles and composer names of the works to be performed. Note: approximately 30% of the program to be performed (of the total length in minutes) must consist of music published by Cayambis Music Press.
  • Event details. The name, date and location of the proposed performance.
  • Credentials. A curriculum vitae or resumé, and a recent recording of at least two selections of contrasting style. The latter may be submitted as a digital recording or, as a link or links to an online digital platform. A recording of a live performance is preferred, but not required.
  • Financial Plan. A clear, well organized and easily understood budget, including direct costs, such as travel and lodging, conference fees, personnel remuneration, etc.


Application materials must be received according to the following schedule:
Example: If you are planning on attending a conference that takes place during the second quarter of the year, we must receive your application materials by February 28.


At any time after receipt of the performance proposal, the reviewing committee may ask the applicant to provide either clarification or additional information. The successful candidate will be contacted witin thirty days after the end of the quarter in which the application was submitted as to the amount and conditions of the award.
Within thirty days after the event, the performer(s) must provide CILASiM with an original concert program (or, if unavailable, a copy of same).
Those candidates whose applications were not approved for a subvention will also be contacted and may reapply after a period of 180 days from the date of notification.

Subvention Amount.

Although the actual amount of the subvention will vary based upon the information provided by the applicant, it will generally not exceed US$1500. The subvention will be disbursed in two equal amounts, the last of which paid to the applicant upon receipt of the aforementioned concert program.

The Fine Print.

Application materials become the property of CILASiM and will not be returned. CILASiM reserves the right to declare the subvention process in any given quarter deserted if in its sole opinion the applications are not of a sufficiently high standard.

The Application Form.

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Next Steps.

Send your completed application materials to the physical address below, or if you prefer, via email
. Good luck!