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In his report to the Pan American Union, Dr. Berrien is specifically referring to the rise of certain stylistic tendencies, such as indigenism and folklorism, which when taken collectively, represented a growing movement among Latin American composers to create nationalistic music. Although these tendencies continue to play a role in contemporary Latin American composition, they now compete within a much broader spectrum of contemporary styles, such that overtly nationalistic Latin American music constitutes a small fraction of the overall output of today’s Latin American composers.

However, irrespective of any particular stylistic tendency, like his or her predecessor of the 1930s or 1940s, today’s Latin American composer faces an environment in which it is difficult to get new works performed. At the same time, the absence in Latin America of ensembles that are standard in North America, such as brass quintets and concert bands, make it all the more challenging to produce works for international performance venues. For these reasons, CILASiM is committed to providing solutions to these problems.