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The objective of the Cayambis Institute (CILASiM) is to increase the awareness and appreciation of Latin American classical music by encouraging its creation, performance and study. In pursuit of this mission, the Institute will provide various opportunities to composers, performers and scholars. Over time, these will include subventions for performers and scholars, a composition competition and a scholarship program so that talented Latin American composers will be able to enroll in a graduate program here in the United States. At the present, however, we are working on launching three projects. The first is designed to support college and university music faculty in the United States and Canada by providing a subvention for performing Latin American classical music at a national or international conference. The second, on the other hand, is designed to partially subsidize recording projects in Latin America by performers who desire to record the classical music of their home country. The third project has to do with how area public schools can host a didactic presentation of our own performance group, the Cayambis Sinfonietta.

For more information about our current opportunities click on the images below.

Conference Performance ImageCD Recording ImageSchool Shows

In the future we will be adding more projects, such as ways to support those proposals related not only to performance, but also in the areas of composition and musicology. In the meantime, we invite you to bookmark this page, because this will be where you’ll find the latest information about our activities.

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