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“Performing the Classical Music of the Americas.”
Can’t make it in person to hear the Cayambis Sinfonietta in concert? No problem! The Sinfonietta organizes an annual tour during the middle of April and would love to perform on your stage! In fact, we’ll do everything we can to make this possible!

Part of this has to do with the Sinfonietta itself. Simply put, our ensemble is modeled on a Latin-American principle that explains how musicians in that region oftentimes come together to form a musical group, seemingly, with whatever instruments can be found. We call this the lo que haya (whatever’s around) principle, because in Latin America there are usually enough strings, but good wind and brass players are a little harder to find. But, even with only 17 players, we’re able to put a program of orchestral music on the stage, but for far less money.

In addition to being able to provide a much more economical concert experience for your audience, this same organizing principle has also resulted in another important feature, which is that, as an ensemble, we want to be as mobile as possible. In other words, because we transport our own mainly hand-held percussion instruments, you don’t need to worry about rolling in any other percussion. We’ve got it all covered!

Technical Requirements.

Adequate lighting; 20’ x 20’ stage; tuned piano, music stands and straight-back chairs without arms. For more specific information, please review our technical rider.


Because of the ensemble’s unique repertoire, fees may vary slightly, depending on the number of musicians involved.

Concert (17 member ensemble), $5,250.00
Concert and Master Class, $6,500.00
(Travel, lodging and per diem may be additional).


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